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Short, Sweet Print Tips

Quick, easy tips for using your printers in smarter ways

Smart document management goes a long way. It impacts the amount of time it takes your people to get stuff done1. It impacts the amount of time IT spends helping them fix printer issues. Most importantly, it directly impacts as much as 10% of your company’s bottom line2.

So here are four smart tips in four fun videos to show you four smart things you probably didn’t know you could (and should) be doing.

One great example of this: In schools, teachers need to make sure parents actually read the notices being sent home with their kids.

Using this feature, teachers can quickly print a Spanish version1 of the documents for children with Spanish speaking2 parents.

According to Quocirca3, 83% of organisations indicate they are interested in mobile print capabilities. But only 14% have deployed a mobile print solution.

The good news is mobile print is easy – and it actually makes life a lot easier for everyone.

40 to 60 percent of all IT Helpdesk calls are print-related4. That’s a lot.

And while even the smartest document management won’t get rid of all of those calls, we can make life a lot easier for IT by making sure they can solve those issues remotely.

You know all those manual steps your friends in finance have to go through just to deal with a simple invoice?

Your multifunction printer can – and let’s face it – should be helping them out by automating those steps.

Most companies need smarter ways to manage their documents. The good news is there are all sorts of great ways to improve the way you deal with documents.

We hope these quick tips showed you how.