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Secure Document Management and Workflow Protects Your Information

Important business information flows through the printers in your organisation, so protecting those devices is a priority. But making printers more secure doesn’t mean making them more costly, complex and harder to use.

Smart, secure document management helps keep business workflow safe and productive. With Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology-enabled multifunction printers, you can safely automate the way information moves through your business. This helps reduce process gaps that invite risk.

Here are some best practices keep your documents safe.

Stay secure at the printer.

82% of US Businesses had at least one paper-based data loss.1

In today’s office environment, you can be sued or fined if the wrong person picks up a confidential document at a printer. Installing an electronic card reader ensures that the right person is there to collect a document as soon as it is output. You also need to prevent prying eyes from accessing documents in printer hard drives. Program your devices to delete documents as soon as they’re printed.

Save time, reduce risk by scanning invoices.

The average computer typist makes 8 typos for every 100 words and types 41 words per minute.2

Manually typing data from a stack of invoices into your accounting system can take hours, and even accurate typists make mistakes. You can cut data entry to minutes and reduce errors by scanning invoices with your multifunction printer (MFP). With the right software, it will convert document images to text, intelligently fill out standardised invoice forms, and forward them to Accounts Payable for approval.

Unify project management for remote teams

Cloud computing, social media, mobility solutions and collaboration are the four highest Small Medium Business priorities for 2015.3

What’s the good of having remote workers connected if they’re not all on the same page? Unfortunately that’s the case if your collaborative platforms are not in place and aligned with the needs of your workforce. Automated and centrally storing content eliminates the confusion, version control issues and network traffic of managing projects remotely so everyone is on – and working from – the same page. Documents are scanned at the multifunction printer (MFP) with unique identifiers and stored in Office 365 , Google Drive or Salesforce. Team members – both onsite and off – simply connect to their respective folder.