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The shortcut to staying secure

Don’t ignore these threats to your business documents

The business fallout from document security breaches ranges from sheepish embarrassment to financial ruin. Yet by following these 7 basic safety practices you can reduce your exposure.

Even the most security-conscious organisations can overlook their printers, so ask yourself:

  • Do employees abandon documents at office printers?
  • Do users have unmonitored access to devices?
  • Is sensitive data stored on printer hard drives?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your document management processes are putting your business at risk. But you’re not alone: one leading analyst—Quocirca—recently found that as many as 60% of enterprises have suffered print-related breaches in the last year.

Don’t make that mistake.

Read “Spot the Security Threats” and learn to avoid these all-too-common security threats.